CATI Extends 3D Plant Layout Offerings

5 May, 2008

Company partners with Visual Components to offer 3DCreate and 3DRealize Digital Factory applications to current customers.

Computer Aided Technology, Inc. (CATI) has partnered with Visual Components to become a value added reseller of the latter company's 3DCreate and 3DRealize Digital Factory applications. The initiative reportedly will enable CATI to offer a complete 3D plant layout solution with robotics and material flow simulation in a single application to its customers.

"The Visual Components Digital Factory is specifically suited to companies operating in the construction of production assembly systems and this is a great fit to CATI's client base," said Juha Renfors, CEO of Visual Components. "CATI is very proactive in looking for ways to extend the use of SolidWorks data to improve their customers business processes, and with the Visual Components partnership, we can certainly provide a boost in that area."

Visual Components offers robotics and material flow simulation in one application. It allows for component and layout reuse throughout the project lifecycle.

"Visual Components will revolutionize the way our clients work from sales proposals through PLC program validation all before the designs are physically complete," said Robert Konczal, CTO of CATI.

CATI reports that its customers will see increased efficiency in sales and delivery of factory ramp-up and production systems and processes. Additionally, clients will find an improved product quality paired with lower manufacturing costs, as well as a shortened product development time. Other benefits to be realized include visualization for marketing and sales, plant layout tools for sales and factory engineers, simulation for production optimization, and visualization of the control mechanisms.

"By reusing engineering CAD data within 3DCreate, our clients will enjoy another ROI boost on their initial investment of SolidWorks," said Konczal.