CCE Adds New Assembly Features to EnSuite

8 Oct, 2008

Software now moves components in assemblies.

CCE, an engineering software provider, announced that it has added the ability to transform and rotate components in heterogeneous and homogenous assemblies, as well as improved markup-collaboration capabilities in EnSuite v2, its multi-CAD viewing, translation, and productivity software.

"In this new version, we have raised the bar another notch by providing new capabilities for downstream manipulation of homogeneous or heterogeneous assemblies, while also simplifying the process of communicating markup and redlining information by attaching the markup to the CAD file," said Vinay Wagle, vice-president of sales marketing for CCE.

In this latest version, components of existing assemblies can be rotated or transformed at any time. This feature enables users to, for example, evaluate the functionality of a mechanism by moving components through their full range of motion to identify and correct interferences.

According to the company, the collaborative capabilities of EnSuite have also been improved by storing markup and CAD data in a single file in order to simplify communications. In previous versions, markup data was saved in separate files and the CAD file, as well as each markup file, had to be stored and transferred separately. Now, the option is to save the CAD file and all markup images in a single file using the ES3D file format. The user can deliver the CAD data and multiple markup images in a single file for sending and viewing.