CIMdata Releases New, Free Whitepaper

5 Oct, 2008

Whitepaper explores value of unified architectures for PLM.

Consulting and research firm CIMdata announced today the release of its new whitepaper The Value of Unified Architectures for PLM. The paper presents the challenges that companies are currently facing, includes a discussion of the factors companies should consider in evaluating whether they should transition to a unified architecture, and examines approaches to the transition. According to the company, this paper is not a review of any specific architecture. Instead, it is intended to provide an overview of such architectures, their potential value, and issues to consider in making a transition decision.

"These companies must also focus intensively on better ways of running their operations to ensure that they produce these innovative products cost-effectively with high quality," said Ken Amann, CIMdata director of research. "Unified PLM architectures can provide a major step forward in creating and sustaining more flexible, productive PLM environments," said Amann.

Amann cautions that, although unified PLM architectures can provide significant benefits, they do not encompass every application and function needed by an enterprise to address the complete product lifecycle. Additional integration of selected applications will still be required. "We believe that companies should evaluate the use of solutions based on unified architectures as part of their PLM strategies," Amann said.

The CIMdata whitepaper download is free to users who register.