ColumbiaSoft Expands Options for Document Management

15 May, 2008

Document Locator facilitates deployment of document management systems across networks.

ColumbiaSoft, a provider of enterprise-class document management, has developed a new package for its Document Locator software. According to the company, Document Locator makes it easy to deploy document management systems across application virtualization networks such as those offered by Citrix Systems.

"Virtualization of applications is a growing trend, and a number of our customers are using technologies like Citrix, VMware, Microsoft's Terminal Services, and others to maximize their software investment by reducing the need for hardware, and to gain new options for remote connectivity," said Scott Zieg, ColumbiaSoft director of engineering. "We can now help our customers extend the same level of document control and collaboration over the virtualized environment as on a traditional server-PC network."

Application virtualization networks allow IT departments to deliver applications as a service without the need to install or manage software applications on individual users' computers. Benefits include the ability to manage applications from a central location, the consolidation of technology, greater control, and regulatory compliance, simplified business continuity planning, and more flexible workforce mobility and remote access options, according to ColumbiaSoft.

Using Document Locator over a virtualization network means that software installation and configuration for document management application takes place only on the server and is then available to Citrix XenApp (formerly Presentation Server) client computers. The net result is a decrease in the amount of time and effort required to deploy across an enterprise, the company states.

ColumbiaSoft offers two options for application virtualization or terminal services deployments:

  • Businesses operating exclusively on a virtualized network can deploy Document Locator at the server level and provide full functionality at the user workstation level. "

  • Businesses operating in a mixed environment (for example using Citrix to provide remote connectivity while continuing to use a traditional network in the office) can deploy Document Locator across both environments simultaneously.