Cosateq Offers Free Trial of SCALE-RT

16 Nov, 2008

The open-source simulation software is offered in classic, concert, and opus versions.

Cosateq, a provider of simulation and control engineering software, announced the release of its Linux-based SCALE-RT real-time simulation environment that offers a host-target prototyping environment for applications running on PC-compatible hardware. SCALE-RT is a scalable product based on open-source software, which includes a Linux kernel and real-time Xenomai extension.

SCALE-RT includes the numerical computation package Scilab/Scicos, which offers the user an integrated modeling environment. The software reportedly integrates with other modeling tools such as Matlab, Simulink, Stateflow, SimulationX, and Dymola.

The software also offers an environment for the development of hardware-in-the-loop simulation systems, rapid control prototyping applications, and test systems.

A free trial version of SCALE-RT is available for users who register.