Craft Animations Extends Craft Director Tools to CINEMA 4D

19 Jan, 2009

New animation tools include real-time camera control and recording, and animation props.

Further expanding the artist-friendly workflow, Craft Animations announced today the availability of its Craft Director Tools for users of MAXON CINEMA 4D. Craft Director Tools use artificial intelligence and autonomous control systems to condense traditional animation processes.

"Craft Director Tools make it a breeze to add an extra dash of reality to CG animations," said Marco Tillmann, product manager at MAXON. "The comprehensive toolset allows the artist to focus on the result rather than the technology behind it. MAXON is pleased that Craft Animations has ported this powerful set of tools to CINEMA 4D, making the life of creative minds easier."

Features of Craft Director Tools include these:

  • Craft Camera Tools provide users with real-time camera control for immediate cinematic results.

  • Craft Vehicles allow artists to create the most realistic and accurate simulations for in-motion vehicles.

  • Craft Accessories adds finishing touches to productions by simulating and animating props.

  • Craft Freeware offers an extended toolbox for Craft Director Tools, allowing real-time recording, interaction, and depth orientation.

Craft Director Tools for MAXON CINEMA 4D are available now and are individually priced between $129 and $1,199.

Windows and Mac versions of Craft Director Tools are compatible with CINEMA 4D v10, v10.5 and v11. Craft Director Tools are also available for Autodesk's 3ds Max and Maya on Mac and Windows platforms.