Creaform Acquires 3D Measurement Firm

6 Feb, 2008

ActiCM product line expected to enhance Creaform's line of 3D control solutions.

Creaform announced the acquisition of ActiCM, a Grenoble, France-based manufacturer of 3D measurement systems, including noncontact robotic 3D measurement, contact optical measurement, and motion capture.

The acquisition of ActiCM technology reportedly will allow Creaform and its European subsidiary, Euroform France, to expand its 3D control offerings. The photogrammetry-based technology developed by ActiCM facilitates the 3D control of manufactured parts using simple images of the object.

"It was a strategic decision for Creaform," said Creaform president Charles Mony. "It means we can enter two exciting new areas, since we'll be integrating ActiCM's complementary Actiris and Advent coordinate measurement systems into our lineup. And with the valuable expertise of ActiCM's staff, we can offer a wider range of services as well."