DownStream Technologies To Enhance CAM350

11 May, 2008

Release 10 to ship in late Q3 of this year and will feature new integration with Blueprint's document-authoring tool.

DownStream Technologies announced the upcoming release of CAM350 R10, the latest version of the company's solution for the verification and optimization of printed circuit boards (PCBs). This latest version is expected to ship late in the third quarter of this year.

CAM350 R10 will integrate with Blueprint's document-authoring tool to create an integrated solution for all PCB postprocessing. A new Release Package Navigator will allow CAM350 and BluePrint to create and distribute all the deliverables required for a complete PCB fabrication and assembly release package in a single electronic file. The electronic release package can then be used to distribute, view, and extract documents, Gerber files, NC Drill/Mill data, and panel designs for the manufacturing process.

CAM350 R10 is the third major release of the software from DownStream Technologies. Additional enhancements in CAM350 R10 will focus on continued improvement in the verification of design data before commitment to PCB fabrication. The company reports that users will find improvements to basic netlist comparisons and more in-depth verification by cross-probing with Mentor's Exhibition PCB layout tool. The release also will include improved DFF Streaming capability.

A Project Explorer Bar reportedly will strengthen a new graphical interface by bringing many of the viewing options to the default CAM350 window. Searching for Nets, Parts, D-codes, and other key elements can be accomplished from the main CAM350 window. The PADS ASCII interface will be updated to support the 2007 release and will support the importing of Drill Drawing CAM Documents. The ODB++ interface will support 8.0 ODB++ specifications.