DSM Somos Announces TetraShell for Producing Hollow Stereolithography Parts with Variable Wall Thicknesses

28 Sep, 2008

New software scheduled for release by year-end.

DSM Somos, a provider of stereolithography (SL) materials for rapid prototyping and manufacturing, has announced that it will introduce a new software application allowing SL users to create lightweight prototypes with enhanced structural integrity.

Based on technology from the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE), TetraShell hollow-build software will use MSOE's TetraLattice technology to manufacture hollow stereolithography parts with variable skin thicknesses.

"Until now, hollow-build SL software has been restricted primarily to investment casting pattern applications," said Brian Bauman, DSM Somos product development manager. "The TetraShell software will allow SL part builders to widely vary wall thickness, as well as to adjust support parameters -- and consequently opens doors previously closed to SL because of cost or weight considerations. Due to overall reduction of mass, the TetraShell hollow-build style will create considerable material savings for customers with bulky parts, while at the same time increasing part accuracy."

Beta testing is now under way, with widespread availability of the software expected by year-end.