Icona Adds Snapshot Functionality to aesthetica

15 Apr, 2008

Company to integrate Bunkspeed's HyperShot 3D visualization software into v3 of aesthetica, which is scheduled for release in June.

Icona Solutions and Bunkspeed announced that v3 of Icona's aesthetica software, scheduled for release in June, will feature photographic-quality snapshot capabilities thanks to direct integration with Bunkspeed's HyperShot 3D visualization software.

aesthetica is used in perceived-quality studies in the automotive industry and by other product design and manufacturing companies throughout the product development process. It enables users to simulate the effects of component and assembly variation and component deformation and to visualize them directly on a 3D digital model to resolve fit and finish issues, according to the company.

"This agreement with Bunkspeed enhances our market-leading perceived quality solutions by giving our users the ability to instantly produce photographic-quality images of product variation, with minimal effort but stunning effect," said Tim Illingworth, commercial director, Icona Solutions.

The use of high dynamic range image-based rendering in HyperShot reportedly reduces data-preparation time by eliminating the need to manually define complex image environments and lighting models. HyperShot reportedly allows product designers to visualize and evaluate designs under real-world lighting conditions, with accurate materials and by depicting how reflections will appear in any environment.

"This integration between aesthetica and HyperShot brings a powerful capability to the automotive industry, as well as other design and manufacturing sectors," said Mike Check, president of Bunkspeed's Transportation Division. "This partnership gives aesthetica users the ability to assess the impact of manufacturing variation in a real-world setting and to see the product exactly as the customer would see it. This will lead to faster and more effective decision-making on perceived-quality issues."