Infimatic Adds Gibbs CAM Software to CNC Line

18 Nov, 2007

Gibbs Shop Floor Programming technology bundled with new Infimatic controller to enhance computer-aided machining.

Gibbs and Associates and Infimatic have partnered to launch the Infimatic Freedom NC200 CNC, which integrates Infimatic's open-architecture control solutions with Gibbs' Shop Floor Programming (SFP) technology.

Gibbs' shop-floor programming system supports the programming of wireframe geometry. Bundled with the Infimatic Freedom NC200, the software reportedly can be upgraded to support the programming of more complex parts, including surface and solid models.

The newly integrated solution enables users to transfer programs developed offline with the GibbsCAM product line to Gibbs SFP on the Infimatic controller for review and modification. Additionally, changes made to the part program on the Freedom NC200 using Gibbs SFP can be transferred back to GibbsCAM and referenced as shop-proven processes.