Kubotek Releases Service Pack for Maintenance Customers

9 Jul, 2008

KeyCreator v7.5.3 adds file management enhancements and eight bug fixes from the earlier release.

Kubotek announces the availability of the service pack release KeyCreator 7.5.3 for customers with active maintenance. The 7.5.3 downloads are available now from the Kubotek support area. Service Pack release 7.5.3 adds several minor file management enhancements and corrects eight issues from the KeyCreator 7.5.2 release. To check which version you have currently installed, use the Help / About function in the KeyCreator pulldown menu.

The file management enhancements include:

  • new file import CSV function that creates point entities from ASCII text files
  • new file import PDF function that creates shell entities from 3D data in PDF files
  • import SolidWorks updated to support SolidWorks 2008 files
  • import Autodesk Inventor updated to support version 11 IAM files
  • import and export Parasolid updated to support v19
  • import CATIA V4 and V5 support workplane entities
  • Assemblies Export function that supports Parasolid files