Labinal, IGE+XAO Group Announce Joint Venture

6 Sep, 2006

Companies partner to develop and market software applications dedicated to electrical harness manufacturing.

Labinal, a developer of electrical wiring systems technology, and IGE+XAO Group, a developer of CAD software solutions for electrical processes, early this week announced a joint venture to develop and market software solutions dedicated to manufacturing electrical harnesses. The partnership will develop and sell software programs to interface with the proprietary design environments of customers (such as aircraft manufacturers and automotive manufacturers) or software publisher architectures.

Working from the harness design plans, the new commercial offer, called SEE Electrical Harness Manufacturing, will determine the appropriate fabrication range and pilot the cutting and marking machine tools. SEE Electrical Harness Manufacturing will also integrate other functions, such as electrical tests definition.

"This is a strategic alliance launched in an encouraging market context, the all-electric aircraft," commented Philippe Petitcolin, Labinal CEO. "It will enable Labinal and IGE+XAO to consolidate their positions by offering aircraft constructors a high-added-value software concept that's both innovative and unique." Petitcolin added, "We'll be pooling the special skills of our two companies. Labinal brings its industrial expertise in the fields of aircraft wiring design and production, and IGE+XAO its talent and technical competence in software design, marketing and support."