LightTools SolidWorks Link Module Now Available

22 Jun, 2008

ORA introduced the direct link between LightTools and SolidWorks 3D CAD software.

Optical Research Associates (ORA), a SolidWorks Solution Partner, has introduced the LightTools SolidWorks Link Module. This direct link between LightTools and SolidWorks 3D CAD software delivers a streamlined and user-friendly engineering environment for optical and mechanical design teams, the company states. The module enables designers to link SolidWorks mechanical models to LightTools, so they can assign optical properties, optimize, and directly update their SolidWorks models.

According to the company, the SolidWorks Link Module includes these capabilities:

  • LightTools' fully integrated illumination optimization capability supports the optimization of SolidWorks mechanical components - including parts and assemblies - as well as LightTools optical components and properties. Any changes made during the LightTools optimization process can be automatically updated in the SolidWorks model to retain common geometry in both software products.

  • Bidirectional communications between LightTools and SolidWorks ensure that all changes made in LightTools can be immediately updated in SolidWorks; likewise, changes made in SolidWorks can be directly transferred to LightTools.

  • All optical definitions made in LightTools, such as material properties, sources, and receivers, are retained during bidirectional communications between LightTools and SolidWorks; users never have to reapply these definitions.

  • The SolidWorks feature tree is visible in the LightTools design view, providing SolidWorks users with an interface that is instantly familiar.

For more information, see ORA's Web site.