LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Now Supports Modelica

1 Oct, 2008

Simulation suite is now based on open-source programming language.

LMS, a provider of simulation software, testing systems, and engineering services, announced that its newly released LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Rev 8A now supports the open-source Modelica programming language standard. Modelica is an object-oriented, multidomain modeling language for component-oriented modeling of complex systems containing mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, thermal, control, or electric power subcomponents.

Over the past three years, LMS has incrementally incorporated Modelica support into LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim, a 1D simulation suite that models and analyzes multidomain, intelligent systems, and predicts their performance. The components of the model are described by mathematical equations representing the system behavior.

"LMS' strategy is to offer an open-system simulation platform to model, simulate, and analyze multidomain systems," said Jan Leuridan, chief technology officer, LMS. "The LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim platform provides a set of off-the-shelf, application-specific solutions so our customers can rapidly evaluate functional product performance. Supporting Modelica extends the standard capabilities of LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim to include native AMESim, as well as Modelica-based models."

According to LMS, the Modelica open-source programming community is growing, as is multidomain system simulation, a process for developing competitive product designs.

"I am delighted that LMS has selected the Modelica open-source language," said Daniel Bouskela, from the research and development division of Electricite de France (EDF). "Our strategy at EDF R&D is to strongly endorse promising open standards such as Modelica to ensure the long-term continuity of our power plant models. LMS' decision will certainly help Modelica gain more recognition in the industry."