Longview Advisors Publish New Whitepaper

26 Oct, 2008

Author David Prawel analyzes downstream collaboration.

Longview Advisors, a deployment consultation provider, announced the release of its latest whitepaper, "The Advent of Visual Manufacturing." The report examines how 3D visualization technology plays a new role in improving interoperability and communication between engineering and production departments. The whitepaper PDF is available free to the public.

David Prawel, founder and president of Longview Advisors, explores the gap between engineering and production, both in terms of open communication and compatibility between different automated systems. "Too often critical data is held captive in regional or divisional 'silos' -- inaccessible to typically thousands more people who could benefit from it," Prawel said.

The whitepaper also examines 3D visualization platforms, which, according to Prawel, are easier for production personnel to use than traditional CAD applications.

Prawel explores two business cases of manufacturers that use lightweight visualization data as the means of communications within production departments, and between production and engineering. "Visual manufacturing supports the complete and comprehensive manufacturing process. All the required data flows freely as needed between and among the people who need it -- and who are authorized to see it -- enabling fast decision making and standard, more efficient workflow."