MCAD Tech News #172

12 Apr, 2006 By: Jeffrey Rowe

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Autodesk Inventor 11: A Quick Overview

Latest release includes enhanced Construction Environment, new Sculpt tool and user-defined limits on critical parameters

It’s spring, and over the past few years that has become an increasingly popular time to release new CAD software. Although SolidWorks 2007 is a couple of months off yet, Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 and Autodesk Inventor 11 recently launched. This week, we’ll take a brief look at the highlights of Inventor 11.

Inventor 11 is the result of the fruits of Autodesk developers’ labor and the fruits reaped from the company’s acquisitions. It gives you an idea of the increased capabilities and options you can expect to see in the future, as far as the acquired technologies go. Read more>>

PLM Strategies -- On-Demand Software: Modular, Flexible and Interoperable

By Kenneth Wong

Michael Topolovac, CEO of Arena Solutions, is a troublemaker in the eyes of some traditional software vendors. He is among those leading the charge in what's been called, somewhat melodramatically, "the end of software." He told the San Francisco Chronicle, "There are few entities you hate more than enterprise software vendors. They're mean, evil, nasty people. They'll sell you something that costs thousands of dollars and then walk away" ("Software Shifts Gear," December 25, 2005). Fortunately, the reporter who filed the story noted it was a tongue-in-cheek comment, curtailing any animosity Topolovac might incur. Nevertheless, his sentiment is shared by some of his customers—who, weary of the costs and headaches usually associated with traditional client-server software, have turned to on-demand software vendors. Read more >>

Mark Your Calendar: MCAD Events

SMMA Spring Management Conference
May 10-12, 2006

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
A four-hour workshop, presented by James Chan of the consultancy Asia Marketing and Management, will kick off the SMMA (Motor & Motion Association) spring conference. Topics to be addressed include negotiating with the Chinese, recruiting, training and managing people, Chinese business practices, safety, security and intellectual property rights and marketing.

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