MCAD Tech News (#177)

31 May, 2006 By: Jeffrey Rowe

The Buyer-Seller Disconnect, Part 3

A tale of two surveys: What do recent reports mean to industrial sellers?

In the past two editions of MCAD Tech News I presented the results of two surveys about industrial sellers and their potential buyers and the apparent disconnect that often occurs when a seller's Web site doesn't provide what the buyer needs. (Click here to view newsletter archives.) One of the surveys was conducted jointly by ThomasNet and Google and the other was conducted by GlobalSpec.

Both studies attempt to explain buyer/seller behavior and results, but each does so in a slightly different way. The ThomasNet/Google study shows that although industrial buyers are increasingly relying on the Internet as a source for information and products, a major disconnect exists between online buyers and the suppliers. The GlobalSpec study outlines and analyzes buying behavior, what buyers are really seeking and why some distributors are more successful than others. In today's edition, I'll take a closer look at the two reports and compare their results. Read more>>

Cadalyst Labs Review: KeyCreator 5

by Mike Hudspeth, IDSA

You can't please everybody. The last time I reviewed KeyCreator by Kubotek, some people took me to task for not hating it: "It doesn't have parameters." "You can't do sketches." "I thought you were a modern modeler." To all of which I respond, "So?" KeyCreator 5 is not a history-based modeler, which means it doesn't follow the currently popular methodologies. Big deal.

I remember when no one had ever heard of parameters and sketches. We still got work done. We still shipped our products to market. We just became good at using the tools we had. Kubotek offers a refreshing approach to modeling that I think has a place in today's modeling repertoire.

But just because Kubotek hasn't jumped onto the parametric bandwagon doesn't mean it has stagnated. The company continues to advance and improve KeyCreator's powerful functionality (figure 1). KeyCreator 5.2 features tons of cool new stuff, most added in direct response to user requests. With changes in modeling, drafting and assemblies, Kubotek is raising the bar to new heights. Read more >>

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PTC User Conference
June 4-7, 2006
Dallas, Texas
User event promises 140 technical presentations and more than 50 hours of hands-on training for Pro/ENGINEER, Windchill and Arbortext software users.

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