MCAD Tech News #183

9 Aug, 2006 By: Jeffrey Rowe

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The Continuing Quest For Neutral Design Data, Part 1

A Brief Look at JT Open

A truly neutral design data format has been the CAD community’s holy grail for quite some time now. Unfortunately, as we all know too well, the quest for this holy grail is still far from being realized. Instead of design data file formats consolidating and becoming more neutral, they seem to proliferate more over time. In the past, several types of organizations -- software vendors, manufacturing companies and standards bodies -- have attempted to develop neutral design data formats with varying degrees of success and acceptance.

While not universally adopted, one of the more successful attempts has been UGS’ JT Open initiative. Since its initial launch in November 2003, it has gained significant industry visibility and represents UGS’ strategy for helping companies leverage multiple technology investments to structure their collaborative product development environment.Read more>>

Cadalyst Labs Review: In the Cards -- Deal Yourself a Winning Graphics Hand

by Ron LaFon

Spring 2006 brought the introduction of entire new lines of graphics cards, so we moved this roundup forward to provide more timely coverage. The workstation-level graphics cards reviewed here range from entry-level all the way to the high end of the market. I also looked at the new Matrox TripleHead2Go graphics expansion module that offers the ability to use multiple monitor setups with a variety of graphics cards. Read more >>

Mark Your Calendar: MCAD Events

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Webcast: The Product Lifecycle Collaboration Benchmark
August 22, 2006 
Michael Lynch, CEO of Right Hemisphere, and Jim Brown, vice-president and service director of Aberdeen Group, will present best-in-class practices in 3D publishing of product communications and the results of the Aberdeen Group white paper, "The Product Lifecycle Collaboration Benchmark Report -- The Product Profitability 'X' Factor." Read more

FIATECH Member Meeting
November 7–8, 2006 
Denver, Colorado
During FIATECH's Annual Member Meeting, members will receive research results and deliverables that the organization's projects have produced this year, plan project activities for 2007 and network with industry leaders. Read more

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Cadalyst Labs Review: TurboCAD Professional v12: An upgrade brings affordable features and a near-perfect icon-to-workspace balance.

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