MCAD Tech News #190

18 Oct, 2006 By: Jeffrey Rowe

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ECAD Marches in Step with MCAD

Electronic computer-aided design becomes an integral part of mechanical design

About a year ago, two companies -- PTC and UGS -- made important announcements. Although they shared a common thread, I dismissed it at the time. However, in the past year, the potential impact and implications of the announcements have brought this thread front and center -- namely, the continued merging of ECAD (electronic computer-aided design) and MCAD (mechanical computer-aided design), and how the combination is influencing both design and manufacturing.

Windchill Takes On ECAD

Last year, PTC announced new Windchill capabilities designed to optimize the development of products that mix mechanical, electrical and software components. The extension of PLM to include software development was what I found compelling about the announcement, because they are so different and complex.

Many companies that develop mechanical or electronic products with embedded software struggle to ensure that the correct source code is delivered with the right version of the finished product. Windchill 8.0 introduced a process to handle this by interfacing with SCM (Software Configuration Management) systems that manage software source code and related software artifacts.

The Windchill Integration for Rational ClearCase integrated IBM Rational ClearCase, an SCM system, with Windchill. This module enables the synchronization of data generated by software developers with the appropriate versions of the corresponding mechanical and electrical designs, all within a single system. Read more>>

Cadalyst Labs Review: CoCreate OneSpace 2006

By Mike Hudspeth, IDSA

3D modeling provides many ways to get things done. All methods and tools at your disposal have their advantages and disadvantages. It's up to the 3D designer to know the tools and select which to use in a given situation. To be a master modeler, you can't lock yourself into one way of doing things. It takes more work, to be sure, but the benefits down the road will pay off.
Read more

Mark Your Calendar: MCAD Events

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The Power of Adobe Acrobat 8 Seminar
Various 2006 dates
Various locations
Attendees will learn how Adobe Acrobat 8 can be used to improve workflows, and can choose from 90-minute breakout sessions designed for AEC/manufacturing, creative/marketing, general business/IT, legal and education/e-learning professionals, as well as a developer briefing. Read more

UK Rhino User Meeting
November 9, 2006
London, United Kingdom
This technology update day will include information on the upcoming Rhino 4.0 release, V-Ray for Rhino 1.0, Penguin v2.0 and Brazil, presentations and in-depth Rhino user stories. Read more

Second International Conference on Rapid Manufacturing
July 11-12, 2007
Leicestershire, United Kingdom
This conference will include a mixture of academic research and industrial applications presentations, focused on direct part manufacturing using additive Layer Manufacturing Technologies. Read more

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