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28 Feb, 2007 By: Jeffrey Rowe

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Inventor 2008 Debuts

Autodesk shows off the latest release of its products and further digital prototyping

I attended Autodesk's first World Press Day event a couple of weeks ago in San Francisco. In general terms, president and CEO Carl Bass talked about the company's products and markets and then let the vice-presidents and directors talk specifics about the various vertical markets, such as mechanical design and manufacturing. However, Bass stated bluntly that Autodesk was not pretending to be a PLM (product lifecycle management) company or positioning itself as such. It would, however, continue to position itself as a mechanical design and PDM (product data management) vendor because that's what makes the most sense for both Autodesk and its customers.

He described design as a way of solving problems and said the company would continue the push for the ability to experience things before they become real, as the primary reason behind developing digital tools for design. Buzz Kross, vice-president of Autodesk's Manufacturing Solutions Division, reinforced this notion with what he referred to several times as digital prototyping. Though it is not exactly a new concept, Kross and Autodesk have put a little different spin on it.

Kross said the realization of digital prototyping, and a component of it known as functional design, are ongoing efforts by Autodesk that won't come to full fruition in a year, but will become more comprehensive over time. All of this combined promotes a "test before build" process. In other words, creating a digital prototype before committing to a physical design (and physical prototypes) that starts with functional requirements and specifications -- from abstractions come physical realities.Read more>>

MCAD Modeling--Rapid Prototyping

By Mike Hudspeth, IDSA

Time to market is critical. Today's modern firms move heaven and earth to be the first, and it's not easy. The pressure is enormous. Design takes time. Tooling is a challenge. Marketing wants everything now. And the CEO is watching you. Read more>>

Mark Your Calendar: MCAD Events

2007 Better Injection Molding Seminar
March 2, 2007
Charlotte, North Carolina
In this event, sponsored by Moldflow Corporation, speakers from various aspects of the plastics industry will discuss the current state and future development directions of injection molding simulation software, plastics material science and plastics simulation products. Read more

Application-Oriented CFD for the Aerospace and Defense Industry
March 8, 2007
Carlsbad, California
This workshop by CD-adapco will focus on the application of a variety of simulation techniques to a wide-range of aerospace applications and demonstrate how flow, thermal and stress simulation can reduce costs and increase efficiency of the design process and help to engineer products that will meet future technological and economic challenges. Read more

Plastic Parts Innovations Conference and New Product Design Competition
April 1 - 3, 2007
Memphis, Tennessee
The Plastics Parts Innovations Conference and New Product Design Competition provide a noncommercial forum for the advancement of technology. Annually, the industry's leaders meet and network with more than 200 international contacts to discuss what's new in part design, process selection, tooling, prototyping, material selection, finishing and assembly. Read more

Developing a Design/Simulation Framework
May 9, 2007
Atlanta, Georgia
Join industry analysts from Collaborative Product Development Associates (CPDA) and leading-edge users and practitioners for a one-day event that explores in depth the latest thinking on the critical issues facing simulation. Read more

23rd Annual CMSC (Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference)
Reno, Nevada
July 16 - 20, 2007
This five-day event is the only North American conference that caters solely to professionals using portable 3D coordinate measurement technology on their factory floors. Attendees can network with a community of expert and novice users and learn about the latest trends and innovations in the field of portable 3D industrial measurement technologies. Read more

For Cadalyst's full calendar of events, click here.

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On the Edge (Tutorial) -- Sheet-Metal Productivity: Solid Edge v19 includes new sheet-metal tools.

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