MCAD Tech News (#217)

8 Aug, 2007 By: Jeffrey Rowe

Is RM Finally Ready For Prime Time?

Stratasys addresses some of the typical roadblocks with its new direct digital manufacturing system.

Those of us involved in engineering and technology are always looking for “the next big thing.” Over the years, some of these technologies, such as bringing FEA to the masses, have panned out, while others, such as concurrent engineering (a term that seemed to defy definition, later replaced with PLM), have not. Rapid manufacturing (RM) is one technology that seems like it has been just around the corner for a number of years.

The main issues that have held RM back from fulfilling its promise are the RM machine itself (with concerns related to production speed, accuracy, and repeatability) and the RM material used to produce parts (with concerns about mechanical properties or lack thereof). The new Stratasys FDM 400mc system (pricing starts at less than $100,000), however, is addressing these roadblocks and may nudge RM into reality. Read more>>

On the Edge: Direct Editing with Solid Edge

By Russell Brook

As more companies operate within global supply chains, their need for design collaboration has never been greater. Many companies operating within an OEM supply chain don't have control over which is used to create design system data. UGS Solid Edge's Direct Editing function allows users to edit imported geometry, including complex Solid Edge parts and UGS NX parts, from any system quickly and easily. Read more>>

Mark Your Calendar: MCAD Events

Webinar: Unleashing 3D CAD
August 29, 2007
10 a.m. CDT
Seemage, a SolidWorks solution partner, will present a live webinar on improving business processes enterprise-wide with SolidWorks and Seemage. A question and answer session will follow the webinar.
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