MCAD Tech News (#261)

11 Mar, 2009

Data-Exchange Tools Can Save Time, Money, and Headache

Understand why you need a multi-CAD interoperability solution and how to select the right one for your office.

By Todd Reade

Anyone involved in product design and development understands that interoperability is a major issue for today's manufacturers.  Just consider the various CAD systems, manufacturing software applications, and file formats that are linked into many supply chains.  Software companies are creating new products and new 3D file formats on a regular basis, hoping to find a silver bullet that will be the next "universal file format" -- .UFF? The IGES and STEP formats were once thought to be universal, but their many drawbacks often overshadow their benefits as data translation formats. Nearly every company has toiled over the "IGES file from hell" with missing surfaces that take a week or more to get into a usable state.  It is clear that the need for 3D file translation and compatibility will become more complex along with the need to read and write to new file formats.

Interoperability Costs and Challenges
The costs of product data interoperability issues is difficult to quantify, but is generally regarded as significant.  In 1999, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published a study of the U.S. automotive industry, which claimed data-exchange costs were $1 billion per year, and that study involved only the automotive industry.  Imagine what that is now!  The study accounted for tangible costs such as rework or outsourced translation but didn't include issues related to longer development times or inefficient reuse of files.  In a 2007 CADCAMNet Interoperability Survey, 100% of OEMs indicated that they exchanged 3D CAD data with outsourced engineers but received CAD data in their preferred format only 34% of the time.

With some 66% of 3D CAD files being delivered in a format other than the preferred one, most manufacturing companies are faced with the daunting task of transferring files between dissimilar systems. Many issues affect CAD data exchange and present common challenges. Read more »

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Todd Reade is president and founder of TransMagic, a developer of multi-CAD interoperability software applications.


Cadalyst Labs Report: 3D Printing Hooks Users
with Prototypes that Bring Designs to Life

By Kenneth Wong and Nancy Spurling Johnson

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