MCAD Tech News (#265)

13 May, 2009

First Look: Autodesk Inventor 2010

New Shrinkwrap feature and improved plastics and sheet-metal design tools are tied up in a nice ribbon.

By Bill Fane

It’s no secret at all that I am not a big fan of ribbon menus, even on a good day. The ribbon menu in Microsoft Office 2007 is terrible, the AutoCAD 2010 ribbon is not as good as the one in AutoCAD 2009, but Inventor 2010 is -- great! What can I say, today is not a good day; it's a really good day.

The Inventor 2010 ribbon defaults to showing those commands, and only those commands, that are appropriate to your current task. It usually is organized in a logical left-to-right sequence according to a typical workflow. When you are creating a new part or feature, for example, the draw commands are on the left, followed by the constraints, the modify functions, and so on.

I find many ribbon implementations to be inefficient in that they often require more mouse clicks than the traditional menus that they replace. On the other hand, the Inventor 2010 ribbon is usually more efficient and involves fewer mouse clicks. When you are working on a sketch, for example, all geometric and dimensional constraint options are always visible. You don't need to invoke a drop list to change to a different constraint option.

Here's another nice touch: If you want to switch to a different open file, you don't need to go to the usual Windows menu item drop-down list to select it, because each open file has its own tab at the bottom edge of the graphics screen.

The menu bar doesn't exist anymore because now all commands are located on the ribbon. You can choose to change the ribbon display format from the default of icons plus text through a variety of styles ending up with tab labels only. You can dock the ribbon at either side of the screen or you can float it like a super toolbar. And you can customize it.  Read more »


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