MCS releases low-cost mechanical design tool

23 May, 2004

CAD pioneer MCS (Manufacturing and Consulting Services) launched AnvilCAD Lite, a 2D/3D design and detail drafting application for mechanical design. The Windows-based program, priced at US$595, is the first in a series of new products that MCS plans to unveil over the next year.

AnvilCAD Lite is a faster, streamlined version of MCS' Design Drafter package that eliminates many add-on s to Design Drafter included at the request of individual companies. The Lite version also emphasizes multimedia coaching tools and an easy-to-learn user interface.

"For 16 years the CAD industry has made no progress in making CAD software easier to learn and easier to use," said Dr. Pat Hanratty, president and CEO of MCS. "At the same time there has also been no progress in providing true gains in product design capability. CAD companies have focused on data management such as PDM and PLM, and specific applications, but little else."

AnvilCAD Lite provides tools for points, lines, circles, fillets, chamfers, cones, and splines, as well as curve and section analysis for basic computer-aided engineering. It supports associative dimensions, parametric drafting, and standards such as ANSI, DIN, ISO, and others.

Founded in 1971, MCS released ADAM CAD/CAM software in 1972. It introduced ANVIL-4000 in 1981