Midrange 3D Mechanical CAD Market to Top $401 Million in 2004, Up 9%, Researcher Says

13 Sep, 2004

The midrange 3D mechanical CAD market continues to flourish, reports the research firm Daratech. In 2004, the firm projects that the market for what it calls value-priced solids modelers will top $401 million, up 9% from 2003. It expects the market to gain momentum through 2008, growing 11% annually in that time frame.

Daratech expects a rising number of manufacturers who have received too little return on their high-end investment to seek lower-cost alternatives. Growth will also come from the vast number of 2D users who need a more efficient and cost-effective way to create products due to increased global competition and a finicky public still unwilling to spend. Improved 2D-to-3D compatibility has made it difficult for many small- to medium-sized manufacturers to ignore the productivity gains attainable with 3D, and as these organizations continue to come around, the value-priced market should thrive, says Daratech.