MSC.Software Acquires Network Analysis

14 Jan, 2008

Agreement will expand MSC.Software's position in thermal management markets.

MSC.Software, a global provider of enterprise simulation solutions, announced on Monday that the company acquired Network Analysis, a global innovator of thermal simulation software and the developers of the SINDA/G advanced thermal modeling software. The acquisition was designed to expand MSC.Software's thermal solution portfolio. Under the terms of the agreement, MSC.Software retains all Network Analysis technical staff, maintaining continuity of the Network Analysis business.

"MSC.Software is committed to providing our customers with consistent product development excellence," said Bill Weyand, CEO of MSC.Software. "The acquisition of Network Analysis provides our customers with innovative thermal capabilities for advanced simulations involving complex thermal environments such as jet engines and orbiting satellites. It complements MSC.Software's solutions for thermal-stress analysis in aerospace, automotive, and electronics applications."

According to the companies, SINDA/G software is a thermal design system incorporating a thermal solver that can solve large complex nonlinear thermal models involving temperature-dependent thermal properties, radiation, and orthotropic material properties. SINDA/G includes specialty connections to major thermal radiation codes such as THERMICA, NEVADA, TRASYS, TSS, and a new radiation solver SINDARad, enabling critical orbital heating effects to be included in satellite simulations that can be chained with subsequent thermal/stress predictions.

When combined with MSC.Software's thermal management solutions such P/Thermal, Marc thermal, and Nastran thermal, the SINDA/G thermal solutions reportedly will solidify MSC.Software's ability to serve multibillion-dollar market segments such as jet engines. Furthermore, the combination will open access to broader thermal management markets such as mechatronics and electronics cooling, as well as re-emerging markets such as commercial and defense satellites, which have been invigorated by office-in-the-sky airborne Internet and Homeland Security needs.

"Network Analysis customers will benefit from the breadth of the MSC.Software product suite, ensuring continued technology access and development," said Ron Behee, president of Network Analysis. "We are committed to a seamless and timely transition for Network Analysis's customers."