Noran Engineering Offers Year-End Promotion on FEA Software

25 Nov, 2007

Special pricing for NEi Nastran for finite-element analysis offers as much as 20% savings.

Noran Engineering announced a special end-of-year promotion on its NEi Nastran software portfolio that includes new pricing designed to assist companies with closing end-of-year budgets. The company states that the promotional packages can provide as much as 20% cost savings.

Noran's portfolio features NEi Nastran v9.13 for high-end finite-element analysis. The software includes automated impact-analysis capabilities for transient impact studies and drop testing, as well as hyperelastic material-modeling tools for simulating large-strain, rubberlike materials. Linear surface-contact functionality is available for performing true surface-to-surface contact analysis in a linear static solution, as are automated surface contact and weld generation capabilities and 64-bit, large-model capacity.

"The capabilities in NEi Nastran v9.13 in combination with the year-end promotional pricing reflect a singular focus on the analysis and simulation segment of the engineering software market by addressing both the technical and special business needs of this market space," said Julia Oien, director of sales for Noran Engineering.