OPTIS, Noesis Enhance Lighting Design in CATIA V5

18 Oct, 2007

Interoperability between the two companies' software allows users to optimize the performance, visual appearance, and color of lighting systems.

OPTIS, a provider of light-simulation solutions, and Noesis Solutions, a specialist in performance optimization, have announced new interoperability between each company's CATIA V5-integrated solutions.

Interoperability between OPTIS SPEOS CAAV5-based software and Noesis PLM Optimization CAAV5-based software reportedly will allow users to optimize the performance, visual appearance, and color of the lighting systems they design. The new capability will give CATIA V5 users direct access to capabilities for optimization, tolerancing, and robustness evaluation in one environment and as part of their overall product lifecycle management.

Additionally, the interoperability reportedly will enable SPEOS CAAV5-based software to detect which parameters should be adjusted in order to achieve desired output results.

Click for larger image Thanks to automatic optimization, the software finds on its own the optimal concentration of green plastic for the screen behind the red glass, to obtain a white that will comply with standards. (Click image for larger version)

Until now, Noesis PLM Optimization CAAV5-based software has been used mostly for optimizing mechanical systems, according to Noesis Solutions president and COO Hans Wynendaele. "This was a challenge for Noesis that we are proud to have met," he added.