OptiTex and NVIDIA Join Forces to Promote Green Technology

1 Jul, 2008

CAD/CAM 2D and 3D tools can help eliminate waste and reduce energy required for transportation.

OptiTex, a developer of CAD/CAM design software for the cut-fabrics industries, and visual computing technology manufacturer NVIDIA announced today that the companies have formed a partnership to promote environmentally friendly technology. The companies report that deploying CAD/CAM 2D and 3D tools can help designers reduce wasted fabric, paper, power usage, and the energy used to transport physical samples over long distances.

"Our challenge was to bring our vast experience in the textile industries to the computationally intensive applications in NVIDIA's traditional markets such as digital art production, film production, and broadcasting," said Gadi Zadikoff, OptiTex vice-president, research and development. "Because our 2D and 3D software simulates the dynamics of cloth movement, we have an ideal blend with NVIDIA's performance-oriented hardware solutions."

"We are very excited about our partnership with OptiTex due to the excellent synergy between our products," said Andy Keane, general manager of the GPU Computing business at NVIDIA. "Not only does OptiTex enhance our products technologically, but also we mesh perfectly with our policies regarding the environment and corporate responsibility."

"We were looking for a product that would work with our CUDA Toolkit, a C language-development environment for CUDA-enabled GPUs to create the next generation of cloth animation for video games, film production, and the broadcasting industry," Keane said. "We tested the 3D animation and simulations used as the basis of OptiTex's 3D engine on CUDA/GPU and increased performance exponentially. With its unique capabilities, OptiTex has become the best 3D cloth-engine provider and is poised to capture considerable market share in the video game, movie effect, and computer animation markets."

"Our expansion into these markets provides key opportunities to demonstrate the wide range of uses of our technology," Zadikoff said. "This is a logical next step for our corporate focus; we are well positioned for this growth after establishing OptiTex as a must have for everyone in textile-related industries from noted designers to educational centers."