PTC Acquires Logistics Business Systems

7 Nov, 2007

Combined product offering is designed to facilitate the reuse of product design and configuration data in the civil aviation and aerospace and defense industries.

PTC yesterday announced it has acquired Logistics Business Systems (LBS), an integrated logistics support (ILS) solutions provider to the aerospace and defense (A&D) and civil aviation industries. According to the company, LBS solutions are already integrated with PTC Arbortext and together offer a solution for S1000D-compliant technical publications, provisioning, training and e-learning, and logistics support analysis.

The combination of PTC and LBS is designed to facilitate the reuse of product design and configuration data such as CAD models, bills of materials, change management information, and logistics information. As a result, A&D and civil aviation organizations can deliver standards-compliant product support information in the form of technical publications, illustrated parts catalogs, and training materials.

The company reports that the acquisition of LBS underscores PTC's commitment to organizations in the A&D and civil aviation industries and helps their customers address the challenges of increasing regulation and globalization trends. Currently the integration between PTC's dynamic publishing software, Arbortext, and LBS products enable customers to meet S1000D and other ILS requirements. S1000D, a standardized approach to dynamic publishing, is mandated for all defense contracts in Europe and has also been adopted as a requirement at many large defense contractors and civil aircraft programs in the United States and Asia. With LBS, PTC states it will also be able to support other key processes compliant with industry regulations, including provisioning compliant with S2000M, training and e-learning compliant with Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), and logistics support analysis.

"The increasingly global nature of the A&D and civil aviation industries is prompting organizations to rethink and optimize aftermarket support and logistics," said Jim Heppelmann, executive vice-president and chief product officer of PTC. "With LBS, PTC will be able to provide a more complete solution to organizations that would like to leverage ILS to improve information quality and time-to-market through repurposing product and logistics information."

PTC will offer the LBS solutions as stand-alone products or with the PTC Product Development System (PDS) and plans to maintain interoperability and integration with various CAD and PLM solutions.