PTC Announces Winners of 2008 Design Contest

4 May, 2008

Contestants used Pro/ENGINEER to develop innovative designs for Redefining Innovation Product Design Contest 2008.

PTC announced the winners of its "Redefining Innovation Product Design Contest 2008." Launched around the globe, the contest asked designers to use PTC Pro/ENGINEER 3D parametric CAD/CAM/CAE software to develop innovative, product-changing designs.

The Grand Prize was awarded to Scott Buckner of the United States, designer of the Easy Oar system. This drop-in rowing rig was designed for a canoe or other small craft to allow the oarsman to face forward in the direction of travel. With no significant improvements to a forward-facing rowing system since the late 1800s, Buckner's design goal was to overcome the awkward style of propelling a small boat with oars while facing backwards.

The Runner Up Award went to Benjamin Mahan of the United States, designer of the Predator Facial Armor System Technology (FAST). This redesigned facial armor system upgrades the ballistic coverage of current U.S. military helmets to create a facial armor system that can be used in conjunction with currently fielded helmets. Mahan's design goal was to provide lightweight, maximum ballistic protection and coverage while not degrading or inhibiting a soldier's peripheral vision.

The Predator Facial Armor System Technology (FAST). Courtesy of MTek, the company that produced the facial armor system.

The Second Place Award went to Koert Vanoverbeke of Belgium, designer of the TNI Tellus Smart. The TNI Tellus Smart is a compact, handheld communication device that provides a graphical way for speech-impaired people to communicate. Powered by picture-driven software, users gain back the basic freedom of communication by resuming contact with friends and family.

The contest was sponsored by Manufacturing Business Technology. Criteria used during the judging process included uniqueness of concept and its approach to unmet customer needs, marketability of product, the ability to manufacture the product, and the ease of generating consumer interest.