Ranal Software Launches CAMeLEAN/PM in India

9 Oct, 2006

Program management solution enables users to monitor different projects, time zones and geographies from a single point.

Ranal Software Solutions has launched CAMeLEAN/PM in India. (The software has already been launched in the U.S.) The project management suite is an enterprise class role-based program management solution that helps organizations collaborate and communicate across projects, time zones and geographies. The ability to monitor from a single point enables businesses to make informed decisions.

The CAMeLEAN philosophy is:

  • CAM: Computer-aided management

  • e: Internet-based and collaborative

  • LEAN: for a lean office environment.
The suite helps organizations get real-time visibility on issues, changes, resources and project trending of their programs and projects according to business objectives through a single enterprise-wide framework. Its built-in analysis, issues and deliverables tracking features help automate project managers' tasks and free them to perform higher value activities. Dashboard views help managers and executives get real-time information about cost and delivery of every project.

CAMeLEAN/PM solution can fit into any scale of business, ranging from small projects to large-scale PMO applications. It will also cater to companies who already have existing project management operations and for those intending to use Earned Value Measurement as an objective tool.