Rapidform and Metris Merge 3D Scanning Offerings

8 May, 2008

Metris to provide Rapidform 3D scanning software with its range of 3D scanning systems.

Rapidform and Metris USA have entered into an agreement under which Metris will offer Rapidform 3D scanning software with its range of 3D scanning systems.

Specifically, Metris will offer Rapidform XOR, XOS, and XOV software for creating CAD models from 3D scan data and performing dimensional inspection based on scan and probing data.

"We are delighted that a solutions provider with Metris' stature sees the value in the Rapidform product line," said Martin Chader, Rapidform's vice-president of business development. "For example, many Metris customers want to create editable CAD models from scan data. Rapidform XOR, our third-generation reverse engineering software, is uniquely suited to create SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer, UG NX, Parasolid, STEP, and IGES CAD models directly from scan data. Metris' customers are already experiencing one of the promises of third-generation CAD modeling: time-savings. XOR creates parametric CAD models directly from scan data, avoiding the labor-intensive steps of creating a water-tight mesh, and then a NURBS model before any CAD modeling can even be started. Of course, if the customer only needs a mesh or surface model, Rapidform offers XOS at a value point that the competition has been unable to match."

Added Jim Clark, vice-president of strategic marketing for Metris USA, "We are glad to offer Rapidform software to our customers. Our laser scanner data is an open system for any third-party software but we anticipate that XOR will be a strong addition, offering the optimal solution for building CAD models from scan data. Metris' broad data-collection capabilities, ranging from industrial CT to 3D scanners to touch probes, fit well with Rapidform's strengths. The CAD Correct function within XOR will be of particular use to our customers engaged in sheet metal stamping and tooling."