Right Hemisphere Adds Visualization Capabilities to SAP PLM

1 Jun, 2008

Visualization technology will serve as the standard for viewing and publishing graphical product data in SAP's next generation of enterprise applications.

Right Hemisphere announced that SAP has licensed and will be integrating Right Hemisphere's 2D and 3D visualization technology into the SAP product lifecycle management (PLM) solution. As a result, Right Hemisphere's visualization technology will serve as the standard for viewing, collaborating, and publishing graphical product data for SAP's next generation of enterprise applications.

The next release of SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM) — which is slated to begin shipping later this year — will be the first SAP application to integrate and take advantage of Right Hemisphere's 3D technology, Right Hemisphere states. This technology integration will also allow SAP users to incorporate additional Right Hemisphere client and enterprise software products into their IT infrastructure for 2D and 3D product graphics authoring, management, and publishing capabilities.

"For a little over a year now, we've been steadily and methodically marching down a path of closer cooperation and integration with SAP and its enterprise software products," said Michael Lynch, CEO at Right Hemisphere. "Now that we've fully engaged with SAP and have successfully completed the necessary integration and certification work, we have the foundation in place to deliver exceptionally high value to SAP's customers. Together with SAP, we see an enormous opportunity to unify key product data and eliminate some of the inefficiencies and duplication of effort that occur downstream in the enterprise."

By incorporating Right Hemisphere's Deep Server enterprise software into an SAP IT infrastructure, manufacturing companies will receive a holistic and visual view of their product line data, including pricing, ordering, support, and service information, the company states. Deep Server can automatically merge visual data from engineering and text-based business data from SAP applications. Once deployed, Deep Server can extract and receive CAD metadata, bill of materials structures, and CAD geometry files stored in SAP PLM application-based systems.

After extracting data from SAP PLM, Deep Server can generate lightweight 3D product models, combine these models with associated SAP ERP application-based product data, generate graphic derivatives and collaborative 3D documents, and import all of those files and documents back into SAP PLM. The imported data will also be associated with the parent CAD data records, known as document information records. Right Hemisphere's Deep Server software can also combine text and visual data and publish it into a variety of outputs, including HTML, Microsoft Office, and Adobe PDF files.