Right Hemisphere Announces Deep Exploration v5.5

27 Apr, 2008

Planned for release in June, new version to feature support for real-time 3D manufacturing instructions and new user-interface functionality.

Right Hemisphere announced the upcoming availability of a new version of Deep Exploration that will support the creation of real-time 3D manufacturing instructions. The new version is expected to be available in June.

In addition to support for real-time 3D manufacturing instructions, Deep Exploration v5.5 reportedly will offer several new licensing options; user-interface enhancements to improve ease of use and workflows; and new features for technical illustration work.

"This release of Deep Exploration was completely customer driven," said Rix Kramlich, vice-president of worldwide marketing for Right Hemisphere. "We've been collaborating with our enterprise customers on an emerging business process solution we're calling 3D Visual Manufacturing and supported it by giving Deep Exploration v5.5 the ability to generate and output real-time 3D manufacturing instructions. With the ability to output 3D manufacturing instructions, our customers can now expect to significantly speed up critical manufacturing production cycle times. Along with this exciting new functionality, we've incorporated many other features in the product as well as responded to customer requests for a new subscription-based pricing model with floating license options."

New interface enhancements will include the ability to have five different windowpanes for parts, materials, scene components, animations, and layers open and visible simultaneously, as well as the ability to middle mouse-click on a part to change the current cameras? focus, and pivot point. Additionally, features will include technical illustration functionality (such as enhanced CAD loaders to enable dynamic thick and thin line display and output), WYSIWYG export to support vector and raster formats, and enhanced callout dialogs to improve the speed of authoring.

New licensing options include a Network License Management, which allows customers to have a floating license system; Internet License Activation, which allows customers to license Deep Exploration on their computer for a period of time or forever; and Manual License Activation, which enables a single customer who does not have access to the Internet and who is not using Network License Management to be authorized by e-mail to manually enter in the requisite authorization key.

Deep Exploration is available in two versions: Deep Exploration CAD Edition and Deep Exploration Standard Edition. Deep Exploration CAD Edition includes CAD translators, and the Standard Edition does not. Both editions will be available for trial or purchase from the company's Web site in June, according to Right Hemisphere.