Right Hemisphere Transfers Development of Deep Creator to Esperient

12 May, 2008

Company also announces release of Deep Creator v3 authoring software.

Right Hemisphere has signed an agreement with Esperient Corporation to outsource the development, maintenance, and customer support of its Deep Creator 3D authoring software. Esperient has assumed sales and support responsibilities for Deep Creator and has developed a new version of the software, which is available immediately through the Esperient e-store.

Right Hemisphere reports that it will retain its interest in Deep Creator by becoming a shareholder in Esperient and by ensuring the product's tight integration with Right Hemisphere's enterprise solutions. Right Hemisphere will also continue to sell Deep Creator to its Deep Server enterprise customers.

Esperient was founded in October 2007 by four former Right Hemisphere employees. The Esperient technical team is headed by Michael Bailey, the original architect of Deep Creator.

"All Right Hemisphere customers will be better served by this agreement with Esperient," said Michael Lynch, CEO at Right Hemisphere. "With Deep Creator back in the hands of its original development team and visionary leader, the product will move forward much faster. At the same time, our core engineering team will be able to sharpen its focus on advancing our graphics management and publishing solutions. This is the classic win-win."

Right Hemisphere and Esperient began their collaboration last October. Since then, Esperient reports that it has been reviewing customer feedback and incorporating that feedback into its development of Esperient Creator v3. This new product features improved support for designers working on large-resolution, multiscreen-based authoring; a redesigned asset browser with new support for interactive 3D material previews and drag-and-drop scene authoring for applying materials, meshes, and objects to an interactive 3D scene; and new render-to-texture support, including real-time water with real-time reflection and refraction effects in addition to real-time shadow maps and more than 100 pre-built pixel and vertex shaders.

The new version also includes extended video support so users can include streaming media in interactive 3D scenes using video formats such as Apple QuickTime (.mov), Microsoft Windows Media Video (wmv), and Adobe Flash Video (.flv). Support for the latest Right Hemisphere importers, such as Autodesk 3ds Max 2008, Autodesk Maya 2008, and Google SketchUp v6, is part of Esperient Creator v3 as well.

"We are delighted to have signed this agreement with Right Hemisphere and extremely pleased that they have decided to maintain a long-term interest in Esperient," said Ben Vaughan, CEO of Esperient. "We have exciting plans for the future development of Esperient Creator. In part, this is reflected in our decision to change the license terms to an annual subscription and to reduce the cost of the product to just $500."