Robert McNeel Enhances Styling with MCAD Capabilities

3 Mar, 2008

Integration between Rhino and SpaceClaim LTX gives product stylists access to 3D mechanical design functionality.

Robert McNeel & Associates and SpaceClaim have developed round-trip integration between Rhinoceros and SpaceClaim LTX, allowing users to open Rhino files directly in SpaceClaim to create solid geometry, then send the designs back to the Rhino file format for surface creation.

"Our clients have been asking for an affordable, intuitive mechanical design tool to create the details and components that they integrate into their products designs," said Bob McNeel, CEO of Robert McNeel & Associates. "Since we are not experts in MCAD, we are hesitant to try developing mechanical design tools. When SpaceClaim introduced LTX, we were thrilled that they included 3DM support. It is exciting to see the most innovative minds in the MCAD community focusing their resources on building a new generation of MCAD tools for the Rhino users."

SpaceClaim CEO Mike Payne added, "By working with McNeel, SpaceClaim has developed an environment [in which] the stylist can deliver a manufacturable design for production. This is part of the problem that we help stylists solve, and we hope that our mutual endorsement as well as our development commitment to Rhino's community will influence creativity."

A demo of the Rhino/SpaceClaim LTX integration is available immediately.