RTT and Codemasters Advance Real-Time Visualization

13 Apr, 2008

Companies join forces to provide enhanced visualization and rendering capabilities for the automobile, aviation, and consumer goods markets.

Codemasters, a developer and publisher of video games, and Realtime Technology (RTT), a provider of real-time rendering and visualization technologies for the automobile, aviation, and consumer goods industries, announced a strategic partnership through which the companies will share their respective expertise to advance automobile modeling, rendering, and realization.

Courtesy of Codemasters

The partnership includes the integration of RTT DeltaGen and RealTrace tools, which enable car designers to render CAD models in real time, with Codemasters' EGO Game Technology Engine, which drives the development of racing games such as Colin McRae: DiRT and Race Driver: GRID.

"Both companies share common goals, including a passion for technology excellence and attention to detail and quality," said Bryan Marshall, chief technical officer of Codemasters. "These goals are demonstrated equally in such executions as the beauty of real-time ray-traced light clusters in RTT's DeltaGen software and the mesmerizing race action and environmental detail in our own Race Driver: GRID. Any collaboration with RTT that delivers advantageous results for our development pipeline will be immensely valuable."