Shapeways Introduces Black Detail Color

15 Oct, 2008

Black printing polymer is discounted 66.6%, just in time for Halloween.

ShapewaysShapeways, a provider of 3D printing services, announced the release of its new, high-resolution Black Detail color. In celebration of Halloween, the company is offering its black material for $0.97 per cm (66.6% below the regular price) until October 19, 2008.

The material is an acrylic-based photopolymer, which the company recommends using for smaller, highly detailed objects when strength and temperature resistance above 50-degrees centigrade is not an issue. According to the company, objects will turn out smooth, and their color will change from dark black to light grey or silver depending on lighting and viewing angle.

The high-strength black material has a minimum detail size of .5 mm and a maximum build size of 49 X 39 X 20 cm.

Other Shapeways materials include White Strong and Flexible (SLS), Cream Robust (FDM), White Detail, and Transparent Detail (Objet). Customers can upload a new or existing three-dimensional model in STL, Collada, or X3D to Shapeways. According to the company, the custom-produced model will arrive in a few days, globally. Orders placed by October 19th will be delivered in time for Halloween.