Siemens Announces New Velocity Series

19 May, 2008

Updates to midmarket PLM portfolio include new direct-modeling capabilities in Solid Edge.

Siemens PLM Software announced new versions of the company's Velocity Series suite of midmarket digital product design, analysis, manufacturing, and data-management software. Solid Edge with synchronous technology, Teamcenter Express v4, and CAM Express v6 will be available next quarter, and Femap v10 will be available the following quarter, the company stated.

The latest version of Solid Edge, the CAD component of Velocity Series, will incorporate the company's new digital-product-development (synchronous) technology. Solid Edge with synchronous technology is a feature-based 2D/3D CAD system that combines direct modeling with dimension-driven design capabilities.

In addition to history-free modeling, new features also include enhancements to procedural features for parameterized edits without an ordered recompute, as well as a synchronous solve that allows edits regardless of creation order. Three-dimensional driving dimensions will allow users to make dimensional changes to completed models.

Teamcenter Express is the preconfigured collaborative product data management (cPDM) component of Velocity Series. The latest release, v4, reportedly will offer improved collaboration and control for project managers, lead engineers, and shop floor users. Two new modules will help midmarket companies streamline engineering resources and widen access to product data. The first is an embedded project and program management option for project managers, and the second is a Web client for shop floor users.

CAM Express, the NC programming component of Velocity Series, will include programming requirements for high-speed machining, multifunction mill-turning, and 5-axis machining. The latest release, v6, will also feature advances in 3-axis machining and feature-based automation. New cutting strategies for curve/edge and 3D profile cutting, optimized corner-rounding techniques, smoother finish cuts through specialized point distribution, and new toolpath editing/dividing tools will be part of v6 as well. In addition, this latest release will offer feature-recognition and knowledge editor capabilities from Tecnomatix, Siemens PLM Software's digital-manufacturing software portfolio.

Femap v10, the finite-element analysis (FEA) component of Velocity Series, will allow users to create FEA models from CAD data through new meshing capabilities. The product will automate current meshing technology and add new interactive meshing and model and element-checking functionality, according to company reports.