SolidWorks Launches Online Software Test Site

6 Feb, 2007

Engineering community can use Web resource to try out emerging technologies and give feedback.

SolidWorks this week introduced SolidWorks Labs, a free online site designed to enable users to test emerging technologies, use new SolidWorks functionality through their Web browser and provide feedback on product direction.

"SolidWorks Labs is an innovation playground for anyone interested in designing better products, whether or not they're a professional product designer or SolidWorks software customer," said Austin O'Malley, SolidWorks chief technology officer. "This site expresses our passion for enriching the engineering community, easing the adoption of 3D CAD and occasionally coloring outside the lines."

SolidWorks Labs currently includes the ability to upload a DWG or SolidWorks drawing file and share it without downloading any software; try out COSMOSXpress Now, which allows users to upload any CAD file and run a basic design analysis on it; experience ZoomIn, a communication and visualization tool to view, render, texture-map and animate designs; and test DWGnavigator to manage 2D files and perform searches, find references, view and package up files for sharing. SolidWorks will update the offerings regularly and provide new ones based on user feedback.