SpaceClaim Offers Software Download in Exchange for Feedback

30 Oct, 2007

Explore SpaceClaim Professional 2007+ Release Candidate program allows participants to download free prerelease version of Space Claim Professional, test it through November 27, and provide feedback on the product.

SpaceClaim has launched the Explore SpaceClaim Professional 2007+ Release Candidate program, which allows participants to download and use a prerelease (candidate) version of the next edition of SpaceClaim Professional.

Participants gain access to the prerelease software, as well as full data-exchange capabilities, product training, and support services. No purchase is necessary, the company reports. In return, SpaceClaim asks that participants provide feedback on their experience with the software.

"This is an outreach program to the product development community. It is an opportunity for engineers, across all disciplines, to contribute their knowledge, experience, needs, and preferences to enhance our software-development process," said Howie Markson, senior director of marketing at SpaceClaim. "This program gives us greater insight into the modification and CAD interoperability challenges that exist in the development process, which leads us to improve our software and solutions to address them. Additionally, we get immediate feedback on the upcoming release and how we are currently doing to meet that need. A clear benefit to the participants is the opportunity to have first-hand experience using SpaceClaim with their own design models in their own environment and without obligation."

The Explore SpaceClaim Professional 2007+ Release Candidate program includes the following:

  • SpaceClaim Professional 2007+ Release Candidate software
  • 3D Data Exchange Package (2007+)
  • access to live training classes and technical support

The software is available in English, Japanese, German, French, Korean, Italian, and Traditional Chinese. Online help is provided in English. The standard parts library, CATIA V5, and JT data exchange packages are not included. The Release Candidate software expires on November 27.