Spatial and IMSI/Design Link Technologies

28 Apr, 2008

Companies integrate Spatial's 3D component technology with TurboCAD to enhance software development.

Spatial Corp. and IMSI/Design announced a new agreement to expand licensing of Spatial's 3D component technology throughout the TurboCAD product line. The new agreement covers the use of the 3D ACIS Modeler with 3D ACIS PHL v5 and 3D Deformable Modeling extensions, as well as 3D InterOp translators.

"We have been using the ACIS modeler in the TurboCAD product line for many versions. We have been impressed with its reliability and robustness. ACIS and its extensions help our software developers bring new features to market more rapidly," said Bob Mayer, COO of IMSI/Design. "To maintain our competitive edge, we decided to expand the relationship and leverage Spatial's products and support across our product line. The goal is to gain further development efficiencies and be better able to respond to our customer's requests for new functionality in existing and future products."

ACIS extensions include the following:

  • 3D ACIS PHL v5 for 2D hidden line drawings of 3D models

  • 3D ACIS Defeaturing for advanced feature recognition to automatically identify and remove model features based on user-specified criteria

  • 3D ACIS Deformable Modeling for interactive sculpting tools for creating and manipulating free-form curves and surfaces

3D InterOp Translators enable users to integrate native and industry-standard 3D data formats between design, manufacturing, and data management systems. 3D Visualization components provide core graphics infrastructure and functionality for 3D applications.

IMSI Design's TurboCAD Professional delivers the power of ACIS to architectural and mechanical engineers and designers. The new licensing agreement extends across both the TurboCAD Windows and Macintosh product lines. "The key to our success is forming strong and lasting partnerships with our customers. Our relationship with IMSI/Design, as exemplified by this new contract agreement, is an example of that commitment," said Keith Mountain, CEO of Spatial. "Our customers, across a wide range of industries, are under constant pressure to remain competitive and introduce new capabilities and innovative products more rapidly. Our goal is to make those efforts a success."