Spatial Introduces Thread-Safe ACIS Modeler

29 Sep, 2008

Modeler enables near-linear performance gains on multicore hardware platforms.

Spatial, a provider of 3D software components for technical applications, announced today the immediate availability of Thread-Safe ACIS Modeler, a 3D geometric modeling component that allows applications to employ concurrent threads of execution within ACIS.

According to the company, in contrast to multithreaded components that utilize fine-grain parallelism, the software enables application developers to achieve performance gains within their own application and under their own control.

"The future of software programming is in enabling applications to take full advantage of multicore hardware platforms. Thread-Safe ACIS helps with the development of multithreaded applications, which can lead to significant performance advantages," said James Reinders, director of marketing and sales for Intel's software development products. "Any software developers not already developing multithreaded applications should be engaged in learning how best to code their software applications for today's multicore, and tomorrow's many-core processors."

ACIS features an open, object-oriented C++ architecture that enables 3D modeling capabilities for applications with simple to complex modeling needs. The software was designed in response to two industry trends: larger and more complex assemblies and the rise of multicore hardware platforms.

"As a 3D software component provider, we have a responsibility to anticipate the future technology needs of our development partners because tomorrow's end-user applications are being developed today. It is clear that the next wave of application performance gains is best achievable by taking advantage of multicore processors. These platforms are already pervasive in today's end-user environments," said John Alpine, Spatial vice-president of research and development. "Our customers understand that some development effort is necessary to achieve performance gains. Thread-Safe ACIS Modeler offers them a way to achieve significant gains from their development efforts."