Spatial Licenses 3D Mesh from Visual Kinematics

15 Dec, 2008

The component is integrated with ACIS and HOOPS 3D Application Framework.

Spatial, a provider of 3D software components, announced the availability of 3D Mesh, an object-based software component that provides configurable surface and volumetric meshing capabilities. The component includes mesh generation and preprocessing for a range of applications including mechanical design, structural analysis, heat transfer, computational fluid dynamics, and electronic design automation (EDA).

According to the company, Spatial 3D ACIS Modeler customers will benefit from 3D Mesh's integration with ACIS and HOOPS 3D Application Framework. Spatial licenses 3D Mesh from Visual Kinematics (VKI), a supplier of component software tools for the CAE industry.

"We chose to partner with Spatial because they also have a long history of selling and supporting technology leading 3D software components. The integration of ACIS with the VisTools/Mesh (3D Mesh), combined with Spatial's experienced support and professional services organization, provides a compelling reason for customers to choose Spatial for their component needs," said Gordon Ferguson, president of VKI. "We are working closely with Spatial in support of their sales efforts and continued development of our VisTools/Mesh component based on joint customer feedback."

3D Mesh is delivered as thread-safe libraries, enabling multithreaded applications to take advantage of multicore hardware platforms. The software component includes an ACIS bridge, for integration with ACIS- and InterOp-enabled applications.