Spatial Releases 3D Springback Component

25 Jun, 2008

Component is designed to enable rapid development of a springback-compensation feature without requiring mathematical expertise.

Spatial, a provider of 3D software components for technical applications, announced the availability of the 3D Springback Component to facilitate a one-step method for springback correction of 3D models within pressed-metal-tooling manufacturing applications. The company reports that the readily integrated component consists of a single application programming interface (API), which enables rapid development of a springback-compensation feature without requiring mathematical expertise unique to this specialized application. The component provides application developers a means to deliver an automated solution for tool engineers accustomed to time-consuming and error-prone manual remodeling of CAD geometry to compensate for springback. The company states that tool engineers using 3D Springback enabled applications benefit from an increase in their productivity and improved delivery times by eliminating extra cycles in the tool development process.

Applications that use 3D Springback deliver a tailor-made solution for a common and costly time-to-market impediment in the pressed metal tooling industry. 3D Springback employs user-selected edges and faces and form-to shaping constraints to smoothly transform the original design data into the surface shapes needed for machining stamped metal tooling, the company states. The solution reportedly eliminates the need for tool engineers to manually calculate the deformations and modify the CAD model.

3D Springback is said to be easily integrated into existing manufacturing software and integrates with ACIS-based applications through a single API. The component is supported on a variety of 32- and 64-bit platforms. For further information about 3D Springback and obtaining an evaluation license, visit the company's Web site.