Synthesis Offers Online Automated CAD Services

3 Jun, 2008

New online CAD-drawing automation service reportedly helps users eliminate drawing bottlenecks and reduce turnaround times.

Synthesis Company Parametric CAD announced the availability of a CAD-drawing automation service for manufacturing companies and their sales divisions.

Custom AutoCAD format-drawing bottlenecks can be eliminated with the new Synthesis automated drawing service, the company states. The securely hosted automated CAD service is designed to reduce turnaround times and reduce costs and errors as well.

Synthesis automated CAD services provide users with a menu from which they can select all software, hardware, custom programming, testing, support, and upgrades as a complete package for custom product development. The company reports that a new, custom 3D CAD drawing set is generated in seconds using up to 3,000 variables and displayed on a secure network. When the customer approves the drawing for sales purposes, it is also sent to manufacturing as a production order and the parts are manufactured.

Customers can make changes in real time and can confirm product orders for complex manufactured products via notebook computers or online. Sales drawings are delivered online, and production CAD drawings can be forwarded directly to the factory floor. Customers pay for this service on a monthly basis.

Interested individuals can view an online custom Elevator Plan view drawing demo to learn more about how this service works.