Tormach Introduces CNC Consulting Program

25 Oct, 2007

Professionals are available to consult with small business manufacturers, first-time users of Computer Numerical Control mills, and others on machining projects.

Tormach announced the introduction of its Manufacturing Consultants Program, for which the company has assembled a team of Personal CNC (PCNC) professionals who are available for contract consultation on computer numerical control (CNC) machining projects.

The program reportedly matches the skills and experience of manufacturing engineers and machinists with the needs of first-time entrepreneurs and small business manufacturers using the Tormach CNC mill.

"It seemed like a natural extension of our mission," said Greg Jackson, Tormach's CEO. "With the introduction of the PCNC 1100 mill, we dramatically reduced the cost of getting into CNC manufacturing. What we found was an interesting mix of customers; some were veteran engineers or machinists looking to get a low-cost mill, while others were entrepreneurs looking to get into CNC manufacturing. The obvious thing to do was to offer a program to put their skills and needs together."

The PCNC manufacturing consultants have no direct relationship with Tormach, Jackson said, but they do have first-hand experience with the Tormach CNC mill. The consultants are available on an hourly, bid, or contract basis to advise new customers on CNC-related manufacturing solutions. Consultations reportedly can range from very small projects, such as a simple G-code creation for a single part, to mapping out a set of full-scale manufacturing procedures to build a complex product.