TurboSquid’s Tentacles Plug-in Now Available for trueSpace V7.6

25 Nov, 2008

Users can now publish their trueSpace creation for sale on

TurboSquid, a distributor of digital products for 3D and 2D users, announced that its 3D plug-in, Tentacles, is now available for Caligari's collaborative 3D application trueSpace.

Tentacles is an Adobe, flash-based plug-in that integrates the TurboSquid online library and purchasing process into a variety of 3D applications, enabling users to browse, compare, and purchase 3D content (including models, textures, and mocap data) without leaving the 3D applications in which they are working.

For the first time, people using this new version will be able to publish their trueSpace creations for sales on, without having to leave either Tentacles or trueSpace.

"We are very excited to bring Tentacles and direct publishing from the application to the trueSpace community," said Beau Perschall, TurboSquid's vice-president of business development. "This release for trueSpace, complete with publishing, represents a new goal for Tentacles and the company in general -- to provide this valuable service to everyone in the 3D community."